Photos will be taking place at the Quality Hotel and Conference, in Gregoire
You should be seeing your schedule loaded shortly
Photo day looks a little different this year. Parents and players please wait in your car until a Volunteer comes to the front door of the hotel for your team. They will be holding a sign indicating what team we are ready for. When entering the building please remember to wear your mask or you will not be able to enter, maintain social distancing and follow the volunteer to the conference room.
Once checked in with volunteers,
Players please make your way to the photography station. Once your photo is taken please exit the building. For younger players, we understand a parent/guardian may be required. Everyone is required to keep their masks on at all times, until instructed to be removed by the photographer.
All equipment will be sanitized after every cohort. We ask that all players come fully dressed with the exception of Helmets and skates. It is the coaches preference on what the players are to wear in the photos. Coaches please make sure you communicate to your team to be in full equipment or only gloves, stick and jersey.
Players will enter through the front doors of the hotel and will exit out of the conference room door to the parking lot 
In response to COVID, we now offer Online Ordering. This is a game changer for the industry and offers our customers the ability to order products from any device of their choice.Each player will receive a general link with instructions on how to access the store. I will also email the link to the organizer to email parents or team managers.  Parents can now order wherever, whenever, and whatever they want without the need to touch kiosks, cash, order forms and pens.  All ordering takes place online through our online store. Here is one for your reference only. We will send an official MVP Fort Mac Hockey site closer to your booking date.
There will be no table set up in the studio to browse their products everything will be done online.
Coaches please be clear with your players as to how you would like them to be dressed for pictures, as well what colour of jersey you would like them to be wearing. This is a Coach Decision.
U7, U9, and Royals we will allow 1 parent to accompany their child into the photography room. We can not go over the number capacity allowed in the room. ( smaller teams, this allows for 1 parent to accompany)
U11, U13, U15, U18 no parents will be allowed in the conference room where the photography will take place players will be taken in with their coaches and a volunteer. (These are larger teams, capacity will be reached with these teams)
Anyone entering must wear a mask the entire time players, managers and coaches will be notified by the photographer when they are allowed to remove their masks.
Covid Forms Will need to be printed off and will be collected from the players, manager, and coaches when entering the room. Online Health Checks will not be accepted as Quality Hotel requires these forms as well.
We will have a guest registry book that we will have everyone will need to sign in upon entering the room. Younger divisions parents will need to enter their name as well as their childs. Older divisions a manager or assistant coach can fill it out for everyone so players can start having pictures taken right away.
With all these extras needing to comply with all the regulations it is important that the Covid form is filled out and ready to go prior to the team being escorted into the hotel.
U18 Players this is extremely important for you to make your picture time we use the photos for our graduating player gifts
There will be no family pictures each player must show up for their own teams scheduled picture time and day no exceptions.
We have Volunteer Opportunities posted now for Picture Weekend
Any questions or concerns you can reach out to me.
Print and fill out to bring with you


Jacinda Davis

Vice President Communications

Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association

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