Dear Members,

We are receiving some concerns from our facilities. We just want to send out a reminder on our policies and procedures for utilizing the facilities

  • All spectators and players are required to wear a mask while attending all FMMHA sanctioned events (all arenas)
  • Players are required to wear masks in the dressing rooms till helmets are on
  • Dressing rooms are only to be entered 15 minutes prior to ice time (please keep them tidy to ensure staff have enough time to clean and sanitize)
  • Only use assigned dressing rooms for that time slot (Check the boards for assigned rooms)
  • Follow all directional signage when entering and exiting the facilities
  • Only registered coaches on the play areas, ice surface, benches, penalties box unless assigned when timekeeper, then you become an official taking direction from the refs
  • Players are to enter the facilities partially dressed
  • Must Have Covid Health Check Complete Prior to attending any FMMHA sanctioned event

Do Not Attend Any Event If You Are Not Feeling Well


Jacinda Davis

VP Communications


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